Combining a unique set of analytical, administrative, and technical skills, Coseppi Partnership will help organizations in any stage of project planning, implementation, or evaluation. Our proficiencies include:

Research – developing and deploying qualitative and quantitative research instruments to understand stakeholder needs and expectations
Grant Writing – understanding and articulating projects to secure funding from private and public sources
Monitoring and Evaluation – creating metrics and tools to measure progress and strengthen impacts
GIS – collecting, creating, displaying, and analyzing data through maps to effectively communicate and understand the spatial components of a project
Data Management – efficiently storing and sharing project data to improve outcomes while considering project resources
Web Development – building a sustainable online presence to communicate, network, and maintain local, national, and international relationships

Coseppi Partnership is seeking opportunities to work on small-scale development projects. Please see our résumés for more information about our professional experience and contact us if you’d like to discuss a project with which you are involved.